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Alexandra maudsley

Alex has been riding at Red Earth Equestrian Centre for six years having weekly lessons. This year Alex loaned one of the horses at the stables called Pickles. She has been able to learn a lot in this process and was always offered help and guidance by Stephanie and the staff.

Alex went from having no experience on the day to day care of a horse, not knowing how to muck out or fill hay nets to being confident in all these areas and much more now. Before this year Alex had never entered any competitions. Over the summer She has been able to take part in the dressage competitions on the yard.

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The competitions are great fun with a friendly and supportive environment. Alex was so happy to win her first ever rosettes and have an amazing time.

As well as the competitions She also took part in some of the clinics on the yard. Alex really enjoyed the Joe Whitaker clinics, which built her confidence and gave her some great advice and tips to improve her riding .

The weekly lessons with Steph and the clinics have meant my confidence and capability has grown. At the beginning of the summer, Alex struggled with dressage tests at intro level and would only jump small cross poles.

Alex is now able to jump courses of varying difficulty on Pickles and has competed in a couple of Prelim level dressage tests with good results .

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