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Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled ride time. This will allow time for your group to fill out waiver forms and sit our safety briefing. We like to make sure we can get you fitted for helmets and introduce you to your horse in plenty of time before we head out! The ride will last the arranged duration but plan on your experience lasting around 30 minutes longer.

All riders must sign and complete our Rider Registration Form before saddling up. Minors must have a parent or legal guardian sign on their behalf. We recommend you print / complete the form at home and bring it with you to save time.

There is a no dog policy in place.

Be aware the owners dogs are loose within the boundary of the property.


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Horse ridding lessons

Beginner Lessons


Interested in learning to ride but don’t know where to start ? Why not book an assessment lesson/taster open to children 8 years+ and adults. 

In the Assesment lesson you will arrive and fill out a riders registration form. Then you will be assigned a hat or the hat you bring will be checked for safety standards. 
As we don’t have our horses sat in their tack all day we shall go through where the equipment is kept and how to safely tack your horse up. As a beginner this takes time and horse can be intimidating so don’t panic if the first time is daunting it will get easier and there is always help on hand.

Then onto the lesson we shall explain all the basics 

* how to lead the horse

* how to tighten your girth and get your stirrups at the correct length 

* how to mount the horse 

* how to give the horse clear aids to walk stop and steer 

* if confident have a try at trotting sitting and rising depending on capabilities 

Once the lesson is coming to the end of the session we will explain how to dismount and then take the horse back to the stable to be shown how to untack and where to put the saddle and bridle .

At the end of the Assessment we will chat through the best days/ times we have available and whether you would like private or group sessions .



For your first lesson, you shouldn’t have to buy any special kit As we have hats

You will need Sturdy Shoes with smooth soles (not too wide so they don’t get caught in the stirrups), a pair of well-fitting pants and a comfortable top and a waterproof jacket are the only other requirements.

Some people ride simply to relax and unwind after a stressful day either in school or out hacking, others want to focus on training and learning new skills – such as dressage or jumping – and when you ride, you never stop learning!  We help you to learn at your own pace, and our team of professionally-qualified instructors have a wealth of experience to share with you.

Lessons are social occasions too, with many riders in our small lesson groups forming great friendships which continue outside the arena. 

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